Common skin concerns

Get your glow on: How probiotic skincare can tackle common skin concerns

Hey there, gorgeous skin-seekers! Are you ready to get your probiotics on and say goodbye to those pesky skin concerns? If you don’t know by now, Probiotics are live microorganisms that can help to balance the skin's microbiome, leading to a healthier and more resilient skin barrier.  Lets dive into the wonderful world of probiotic skincare and how Bree products can make a difference.


  1.  Acne-prone skin 

First up, acne-prone skin. Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. While there are many factors that can contribute to acne, an imbalance in the skin's microbiome is thought to be one of the biggest causes.  We've all been there, dealing with those pesky zits and blackheads. But fear not! Probiotics can help restore balance to your skin's microbiome, leading to a healthier and more resilient skin barrier. Say goodbye to inflammation and hello to clear, happy skin!


  1. Dry, dehydrated skin

Next, dry, dehydrated skin. The skin's natural moisture barrier can be disrupted by a variety of factors, Winter weather got you feeling flaky? Hot showers leaving you parched? Probiotic skincare to the rescue! By promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and improving hydration, your skin will be looking plump and juicy in no time. Bree’s probiotic skincare products contain live microorganisms that can help to restore the balance of the skin’s natural moisture barrier by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and suppressing harmful ones.


  1. Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin? No problem! Probiotics can help you reduce all the redness, itching, and inflammation by boosting your skin's natural defences. Sometimes, skin sensitivity happens when there's an imbalance in the microbiome, caused by harmful bacteria that can activate an immune response and lead to inflammation. But, with the help of probiotic skincare, you can restore balance to your skin's microbiome and show those pesky triggers who's the boss! Say hello to a serene, peaceful, and happy skin!

All our products are dermatologically tested and this ensures that it won’t affect your skin negatively, regardless of your skin type. All of our products undergo dermatological testing to ensure that they won't have any negative effects on your skin, no matter what skin type you have. Plus, we don't use surfactants that could harm your skin's barrier function, which means that you have a lower chance of experiencing sensitivity issues. We want you to feel confident and comfortable using our products, and our commitment to safe and effective ingredients is just one way we strive to achieve that. Check out what our customer Biate had to say about Bree Products! Even with super-sensitive skin, Biate gave us a glowing report!


  1. Aging skin

And let's not forget about aging skin, folks! As we age, our skin starts to feel like it's been hit by a semi-truck, it’s natural ability to regenerate and protect itself declines, resulting in wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines, oh my! But fear not! Probiotics are here to save the day! They're like a superhero for your skin barrier, protecting it from all sorts of damage. And get this - if your skin barrier is down for the count and your skin is in an inflammatory state, the rate of aging doubles! Yikes! So don't wait until you look like a prune to take action! Be proactive and give your skin the love and care it deserves. Trust us, your future self will thank you!


In conclusion, probiotic skincare is the way to go if you want to address common skin concerns. We're so excited to share our simple 3 step skincare routine with you! Our routine includes a probiotic deep cleansing face cleanser, face moisturiser, and face mist spray to help you achieve all the amazing benefits of probiotic skincare.  Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions, and get ready to say hello to your best skin yet! 


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